Mike Nichols

Comments from the summer of 2007:

"Favorite course in my undergraduate university career."

"It was awesome."

"Perfect setting!"

"The classes and knowledge and instructors were amazing."

"I enjoyed the course—good balance between lecture and field work."

"I really enjoyed it! The profs were awesome, Hawaii was great, and the accommodations were incredible."

"Absolutely wonderful!"

"I think it’s an amazing course. To be able to have the opportunity to study on an active volcano is incredible."

Comments from the summer of 2006:

"I loved this class from start to finish. Best field course I've ever been on!"

"Brilliant. The classwork tied fantastically with field work. Beautiful learning environment."

"The best three weeks of my life."

Comments from the summer of 2005:

"An overall great experience. Very practical applications of theory. I will use the things I learned for sure."

"It was fantastic! I learned a lot and met some great people. A truly wonderful experience I'll never forget!"

"Fantastic! Hawaii is a wonderful place to study volcanoes ... I enjoyed each section!"