CSAV Staff

Administration and Technical Support

photo of Don Thomas
Don Thomas is the Director of CSAV.

Darcy BevensDarcy Bevens is CSAV's Educational Specialist.

David CarvalhoDavid Carvalho is CSAV's Natural Hazards Outreach Coordinator.

Summer Instructors

photo of KoyanagiBob Koyanagi reviews a seismogram.

photo of ScottScott Rowland instructs in physical volcanology.

photo of DonDon Thomas samples gas at Sulfur Banks.

photo ofDave PhillipsDave Phillips demonstrates how to level a tribrach.

Cooperative Volcano Monitoring Staff

Francine ColomaCSAV has employed many scientists and technicians for research projects.


For details about our research and technical projects, visit the Cooperative Volcano Monitoring section of this web page!